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Cascadian School of Log Building & Design

NOTE:     We have relocated our headquarters to the slopes of Mt. Hood in Oregon and altered our name to reflect our surroundings. Our outreach and workshop programs will begin in the Spring of 2019. 

The courses are designed to provide you with a working knowledge of the basic skills related to building with logs. These include: Forestry principles, Design considerations, Tool use, Layout procedures, Notching, Various forms of Joinery, Floor & Foundation styles, Wall & Roof assembly.

Classes are held to a size which allows the instructors to give individuals the attention needed to learn these procedures.

Come join us and expect to have fun learning a new skill.

Building with Logs is hard work, but it is healthy, honest work. It is not beyond the strength of most people as long as it is at a comfortable pace which allows you, the builder, to appreciate the process.

Year Round Services

When we are not in active workshop sessions, the Staff can provide assistance with your individual project including:



Onsite Supervision or Training

Construction Activities


Contact us, we will be happy to work with you.

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